Magical Secrets
the Crown Point Press series on printmaking techniques
Each of these three books focuses on an aspect of intaglio. If you care about etching, engraving and drypoint, you will find revelations in Magical Secrets about Line Etching and Engraving: The Step-by-Step Art of Incised Lines. To create delicate washes, velvety blacks and intricate layers of colors impossible in other art media, then Magical Secrets about Aquatint: Spit Bite, Sugar Lift & Other Etched Tones Step-by-Step is for you. Finally, Magical Secrets about Chine Colle: Pasting, Printing, and Leafing Step-by-Step gives instructions for traditional chine colle, printing an image on thin paper and pasting it to a support sheet plus information on sizing, gold leaf, and collage.
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