VISION #6: Art and Food

For this volume of Vision #6: Art and Food,  Conceptual artist Tom Marioni invited 19 local artists to submit a recipe and an artwork to accompany it. Highlights include Howard Fried’s instructions on how to make a pizza in prison from found materials on a hand-made stove, and Gay Outlaw suggests making a liniment and poultice from Chinese herbs. Tom Marioni reminds us to enjoy an international sandwich with a Pacifico beer, Laurie Reid submits the recipe for a simple but elegant cracker, and Brad Brown creates lethal but beautiful concoctions. John Zurier ends the book with dessert—an enticing pink cake.
Other artists included are: Michael Brennan, Brad Brown, Enrique Chagoya, John Chiara, Peter Gutkin, Diane Andrews Hall, Doug Hall, Mildred Howard, Paul Kos, Andrew McClintock, Susan Middleton, Kent Roberts, Alice Shaw, and Catherine Wagner.

In 1975, the art journal Vision was conceived of and edited by Bay Area Conceptual artist Tom Marioni and published by Crown Point Press. The first volume, Vision #1: California was followed by four more, the last coming out in 1981. The first three volumes relate to specific places: California, Eastern Europe, and New York. The fourth volume, Vision #4: Word of Mouth (1980) is a boxed set of three white vinyl records of artist talks recorded on the South Pacific island of Ponape. The fifth volume, Vision #5: Artists’ Photographs, is a box of unbound reproductions of photographs by artists who are not photographers.

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