Magical Secrets about Line Etching & Engraving
Now an e-publication!

We are now offering “Magical Secrets about Line Etching” as a digital download!

Bring the e-book to the studio on your smartphone, tablet, or computer! (The printed edition is now of out-of-print.)

In the second of the Magical Secrets printmaking how-to series, author Catherine Brooks (a former master printer at Crown Point Press) draws on the venerable history of that institution to create an inspirational and highly usable how-to book on line etching and engraving. Crown Point Press founder, Kathan Brown, adds an appendix on hand-wiping and printing that teaches you to ink and print etchings with Crown Point’s superlative quality. The practical information is artist-centered, with illustrations and discussions of line etchings and engravings enhanced by quotations from the artists who made them.  First e-publication 2022.

Purchase here, and upload to your favorite e-book app.


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