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  • Learn by watching these short videos. To expand your skill set, check out our Magical Secrets book series below.

Crown Point Press: Printing Demonstration (4 minutes)

Crown Point Press’ founding director and master printer Kathan Brown prints a Wayne Thiebaud soft ground plate in real time.


Drypoint Technique (3 minutes)

In this short video, former Crown Point master printer Catherine Brooks demonstrates the drypoint process and shows artists using it.


The Carefree Things: Charline von Heyl in the Crown Point studio (20 minutes)

In this video shot by Kathan Brown, you can learn about the different intaglio processes artist Charline von Heyl uses during 2014 print project at Crown Point Press.


Magical Secrets Books

What are magical secrets? They are ways of setting yourself up for thinking creatively, for a sudden understanding, something like a miracle.

In 2006, Crown Point Press founder Kathan Brown wrote Magical Secrets about Thinking Creatively: The Art of Etching and Truth of Life. In this now-out-of-print book, she shares magical secrets learned from helping artists make etchings in the Crown Point studio.

Three other books followed, each written by a Crown Point Master Printer: Magical Secrets about Line Etching & Engraving: The Step-by-Step Art of Incised Lines by Catherine Brooks; Magical Secrets about Aquatint: Spit Bite, Sugar Lift, & Other Etched Tones Step-by-Step by Emily York; and Magical Secrets about Chine Collé: Pasting, Printing, Mounting & Leafing Step-by-Step by Brian Shure. Each of these teach specific intaglio techniques with step-by-step illustrations and an accompanying DVD. Crown Point Press prints are used as examples of techniques.

You can purchase the Magical Secrets book series in our bookstore in San Francisco or online. If you buy two or more copies in the series, receive 20% off.

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