Asphaltum, burnt plate oil, gum arabic, liquid hard ground, whiting, lump rosin and the two kinds of blankets we use (1/16th fine woven sizing catcher; 1/12th extra fine woven)
Graphic Chemical
(630) 832-6004

Charbonnel Ink
MacPherson Art
(415) 884-8090

Low-carbon iron for steel-facing
We use #8928 K49, Grey Cast Iron Plate 10 inches x 2 feet by ¼ inch
(562) 692-5911
(562) 641-2800

Pigments/Gold Leafing
Douglas and Sturgess
(888) 278-7883
(510) 235-8411

Silk for chine collé
Sized-silk for gongbi painting
Blue Heron Arts

Upsonite board (for your dryer)
Niagara Fiberboard, Inc.
(716) 434-8881

Wheat Starch Powder/Gampi paper
The type of wheat starch powder we use is called jin shofu
Crown Point’s favorite gampi paper is MM18 natural; MM19 white
Brushes and sprayers
Hiromi Paper
(310) 998-0098

Brasso, acetone, paint thinner, etc. can be bought at your local hardware store. You can also visit our online store to purchase other printmaking supplies, tools, and books.

Charbonnel Hard and Soft Grounds are available in the U.S. through MacPherson Art though they are hard to get. Check out other options at Graphic Chemical.

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